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The Hydro Network Programme brings together a broad cross-section of industry professionals, experts and many of hydropower’s leading practitioners.

Please note that the Hydro Network programme is continuously being updated, so please keep checking for the latest updates.

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Shrewsbury Town Football Club

Thursday 30th June 2022

08:30 - 9:30 Registration, Exhibition & Networking

9:30 - 10:30 Session One


  • Simon Hamlyn, BHA
  • Lawrence Kaplin, Equals PLC
  • Ian Cook, LCCL
  • Gareth McMann, Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon
  • Henry Dixon, Tidal Range Alliance

Simon Hamlyn, British Hydropower Association

Welcome and introduction

Simon Hamlyn, BHA

Changing times – How to mitigate currency risk in the Brave New World 

We have a proven track record helping businesses manage their overseas payments for over 13 years.  Through our Secure market leading technology, our customers trusted us to send and manage over £2.9 billion of payments last year.  Our cloud-based peer-to-peer payments platform allows Corporate and personal customers to make payments in over 90 currencies across a wide range of foreign exchange products through one system.

The platform facilitates payments in a number of countries via mobile apps, the internet, SMS, wire transfer and debit cards.  With ultra-competitive rates and faster payments free of Bank charges you can save money and time when sending/receiving funds globally . The impact on the financial markets since the Covid-19 outbreak has been unprecedented, thus making the need for a comprehensive hedging strategy to protect profit margins has never been greater.  At Equals, we will help you mitigate this risk by creating a bespoke FX management programme designed to protect/enhance your bottom line

Lawrence Kaplin, Equals PLC

Hydropower, electric vehicles and storage. How can they work together?

Electricity storage is believed to have a key part to play in the operation of the grid system into the future.  What does storage mean to your hydro scheme?  How can your hydro scheme benefit financially from offering storage?  What part have EVs to play In supporting financially your hydro and storage scheme?  Where is the electricity coming from?  The presentation includes covering financially and technically how this can work, the benefits and what electrically powered vehicles are around now and into the future that can help.  What will be these EV’s power requirements and how can/will this be managed?

Ian Cook, LCCL

Unlocking the full potential of your hydro scheme

Hydropower schemes are renowned for their ability to stand the test of time, with many schemes still operational after 50-100 years. Developments in technology and infrastructure over this lifetime can present modernisation opportunities for a scheme.

Using a case study of a hydro scheme on a Scottish Estate, this presentation will explore some of the modernisation improvements that can be implemented, to unlock the full potential and maximise the generation of a scheme.

Gareth McMann, Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon

Why isn’t Tidal Range already part of the UK’s energy mix?

Tidal range was described as ‘a no brainer’ by the Chairman of the Government’s Independent Review into Tidal Lagoons in 2017. Proposed projects around the UK offer reliable and predictable power generation, a significant contribution to decarbonisation of energy and transport, economic regeneration of challenged regions and strong local support. And yet … developers are struggling to move their schemes forward.

In his presentation, Henry Dixon will look at the barriers to tidal range success and how they might be overcome.

Henry Dixon, Tidal Range Alliance

Session Details

10:30 - 11:00 Exhibition & Networking

11:00 - 12:30 Session Two


  • Dean Needle, Derwent Hydro
  • Dr Robbie Sutton, Rotaheat
  • Ian Care, Innovation Tax
  • Amy Deakin, Western Union

Jonathan Cox, Erre Due


Revitalizing hydropower potential: a case study of Cynwyd Hydro

Cynwyd Power Station was a 135kW Renewables Obligation (RO) supported hydropower installation that had been operating at around 50% of registered capacity. This case study investigates interventions undertaken by Derwent Hydroelectric Power Limited (DHPL) to increase power and revenue generated. The site has been withdrawn from the RO and repurposed as a 175kW Feed-in Tariff accredited site. This presentation investigates the challenges and successes faced by the project, alongside lessons learnt.

Dean Needle, Derwent Hydro

The potential to deliver efficient thermal energy from hydropower

Rotaheater technology is an effective and efficient means of generating thermal energy with zero carbon emissions. As such, it is integral in the decarbonisation of heat, both in the UK, and globally. Rotaheat technology can be effectively integrated with a wide range of sustainable energy forms incorporating a rotational motion.

This talk will introduce the Rotaheater technology and highlight our current device capabilities and performance. A real-world case study integrating Rotaheater technology with a water wheel will be presented emphasizing the long-term potential of applications with hydropower systems.

Dr Robbie Sutton, Rotaheat

Rewarding innovation and maximising Government funding

Ian Care, Innovation Tax

Market Insight; The Impact of Currency Volatility on Hydro Projects

In this presentation Western Union Business Solutions will offer insights on FX rates, currency volatility, market trends and economic analysis and how this impacts UK based projects.

It will cover:

  • The Global & UK economic landscape
  • Factors driving currency volatility
  • Latest GBP/USD & GBP/EUR forecasts
  • Impact on Hydro projects and smarter hedging decisions

Amy Deakin, Western Union International Bank GmbH

Session Details

12:30 - 13:45 Exhibition & Networking

13:45 - 15:15 Session Three


  • Ed Bailey, Bailey & Partners
  • Rachel Hicks, AECOM
  • Josh Redditt, Easy Crypto Hunter
  • Gareth Jones, Ynni Ogwen

Richard Rees, North Wales Hydropower

Adding value to micro hydropower – the potential of green hydrogen

Ed’s talk will cover some of the early findings of an instruction that his Practice has secured in assisting a Welsh hydropower scheme generate green hydrogen in Snowdonia. He will also highlight the importance of eco-tourism within the context of his case study.

Bailey & Partners

Brexit and Environment – new regulations, the Office of Environmental Protection and environmental requirements

As the UK leaves the EU, what happens with our transposed environmental regulations, the protection of European protected species and the implications of the EC Directives. This presentation will outline the requirements of the Environment Bill (on its second reading as of March 2020), the mandatory requirements for net gain and environmental covenants, and the responsibility of the Office of Environmental Protection.



Blockchain and hydro – a match made in heaven @ 20p kwh?

With the current state of the feed-in tariffs, it’s looking bleak for existing infrastructure payback and also new site production. Our Blockchain solution generates returns of up to 40p/kWh on over 15 renewable energy sites across the UK. It’s nothing more complicated than using your generated electric to run posh computer servers, then you get paid for providing computer power to companies, substantially more than selling it to the grid. We’re passionate about this model and know that it can seriously reduce payback on existing green sites, plus provide a new financial model to encourage building more green energy sites.

Josh Riddett, Easy Crypto Hunter

(Em) powering the community

Developing the Project, Community focus – social return on investment

History of the site, Penrhyn Quarry

Feasibility studies and licensing process

Financing the project, share offer within the local community

Design, build and commissioning – focus on upskilling local contractors

Operational experience over 3 years – volunteer network, O&M

How the community has benefited:

  • Addressing fuel poverty, local Energy clubs, smart metering
  • Establishing a mechanism to support further community projects
  • Increasing environmental awareness, supporting sustainable and efficient use of energy Cyd Ynni organisation to share knowledge, resources and experience across other community hydro projects in the locality Challenges and opportunities

Gareth Jones, Ynni Ogwen

Gareth Cemlyn Jones, Chairman of Ynni Ogwen will explain the development, installation and operation of the 100kW Ynni Ogwen community hydro project situated in Snowdonia.

The presentation will cover the development of the Project, the Community focus and social return on investment.

There will be a brief history of the site, Penrhyn Quarry, details of the feasibility studies and licensing process, financing the project and the share offer within the local community.

The design, build and commissioning aspects will focus on upskilling local contractors and utilising the volunteer network.

Other aspects to be considered will be how the community has benefited in addressing fuel poverty, local Energy clubs, smart metering, establishing a mechanism to support further community projects and increasing environmental awareness, supporting sustainable and efficient use of energy.

Session Details

15:15 - 15:45 Exhibition & Networking

15:45 - 17:00 Session Four


  • Chris Smith, The Renewable Exchange Limited
  • Ruth Shepherd, Results Communications
  • Steve Crosher, RheEnergise
  • Caius Hawkins, Kinnersley Software

David Harries, Aaron and Partners

Power Purchase Choices in a dynamic and evolving market

The Power market has proven to be very volatile over the last 5 years. Significant price movements occurring in very short periods. The volatility represents a risk and an opportunity to generators when executing agreements to sell power forward in the UK. Power market.  There are a number of routes to markets open to generators which represents as above have the opportunity to increase revenue but hold risks and create resource pressure that generators are not always aware of. The talk is focused on  improving the understanding of the attendees at the conference of the various options available. Focusing on growing areas of revenue such as REGO certificates which can increase the value that Generators received. Focusing on why these have increased in value and the best routes to monetise value from the certificates.

Chris Smith, The Renewable Exchange Limited

Why engage?

Why engage?’” is a common question asked of BHA member Ruth Shepherd, followed by “when should we engage?”, and “what’s the risk if we do nothing?”

Engagement and consultation is a minefield for many clients – not helped by an increasing awareness within communities of how to stymie a project and fund legal challenges to aid their objectives.

Ruth will provide answers to the above questions, along with insight on the benefits of bringing together the range of stakeholders involved with, interested in and affected by the proposals to create a positive relationship throughout the lifetime of hydropower projects.

Ruth Shepherd, Results Communications

An express train of opportunity

Why, when pumped hydro represents 96% of all energy storage globally do most presenters at energy storage conferences say that the future of energy storage is batteries?

Steve Crosher, RheEnergise

A New Vision for Pico-Power – Applying internet concepts to power production

Is it possible for pico hydro power to thrive, despite tiny returns on investment and lack of fiscal support in the UK? This talk explores whether there are lessons to be learnt from the architecture and explosive innovation that took place in the early years of the Internet, and how they can be applied to energy production and consumption. This talk aims to spark an ongoing dialogue to stimulate new disruptive ‘imagineering’ to small-scale power production and explore how best to support innovative visionaries develop their concepts.

Caius Hawkins, Kinnersley Software

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